Mexican Grand Prix 2021 – Format, Features, and Betting Options to Benefit from Racing

Mexican Grand Prix – is one of the rounds of the World Championship of car racing in Formula One. It was held in the seasons of 1963—1970, 1986—1992, 2015—2017 within the World Championship and in 1962 beyond it. All 18 official Mexican Grand Prix took place on the racetrack in Mexico City.

Mexican Grand Prix in the Context of History

The first season of Mexican Grand Prix ran in 1963 and it took place on the circuit called Magdalena Mixhuca circuit in those years. However, it was renamed to pay respects to the outstanding racers Pedro and Ricardo Rodríguez. There was a break after 1970 until 1986 when the second season of Mexican Grand Prix started. Jim Clark (team Lotus) was the most successful racer in the entire history of GP Mexico.

Mexican Grand Prix – Format and Arrangements

Every season of Mexican Grand Prix brings its own changing and 2021 is not the exception. Some new rules should make the championship more competitive and the deal with the car designs and building. Some crucial details:

  • Formula 1 Mexico is running this fall, in October, 29–31, 2021.
  • Practice 1 and Practice 2 will take place on 29 October from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and from 10:00 to 11:30 pm respectively.
  • Practice 3 is scheduled for 30 October and will last from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.
  • We’ll see Qualifying on 30 October at 9:00 pm.
  • Race is starting on 31 October at 9:10 pm.

Mexican Grand Prix – Glorious Names and Brands

10 teams will try to win in F1 Mexico this year – Mercedes (Germany), Ferrari and Torro Rosso (Italy), Red Bull (Austria), Renault (France), Haas (USA), Mc Laren, Williams and Racing Polt (Great Britain), Sauber (Switzerland).

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappe (Red Bull), Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) are the most eminent drivers. The route of Mexican Grand Prix stretches at an altitude of 2 km above the sea level. The most spectacular Peralta corner is divided into 2 part with the circuit through the Foro Sol baseball stadium.

The tickets are on sale from February.

Mexican Grand Prix – Where to Find the Best Betting Options

Max Verstappe is the leader with his 25 points but Mercedes team lacked the performance advantage in Texas. Max Verstappen is breathing down his neck. He demonstrated tight corners in Texas being the most competitive towards Ferraris and Mercedes cars. You can find the best betting options and odds for qualifying, pole position and of course the race winner for Mexican Grand Prix on online casino Karamba, SportNAtion.Bet, and 888Sport sites.

FAQ about Mexican Grand Prix

Many fans are interested in the tickets’ price. The cheapest packages are usually under $999 and then go up to $3500 and above. To reassure the most demanding guests we should note that everything is well-organized and the shops, food, and bars are really good.

Mexican Grand Prix in Brief

So, Mexican Grand Prix promises to be hard and surprising despite the scandal around the Mexican Grand Prix (it could run the last time because of the corruption inside the Mexican government). We believe that this issue will be solved.